From cotton candy and popcorn in the registration line to outside night games on the first night we’re already thinking “Out of the Box.” This week is promising to be different and get us thinking. We’re going to make cardboard cities and eat breakfast in the tabernacle and we’ve already played “Amazing Race” and pigged out on grease food. These kids are really pumped for this week and so are the staff. The campers are ready for whatever we throw at them and it’s going to be a lot. No doubt this week is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to watch this awesome group of kids grow and see what kind of stories we leave this week with.

One thought on “Out of the Box

  1. Wow, you guys don’t waste any time getting the party started! Thanks for the warm welcome last night and for taking great care of the children. I’m so glad we found your camp — may all campers and staff be blessed with nice weather and God’s loving presence this week! I will be checking the blog every day for your great photos and updates.
    Your friend, Melanie Beasley (Noel’s mom)

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