Today after second class our schedules said “Hollywood Squares” and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. We walked into the Tabernacle and there was a standing up tic-tac-toe board with “celebrities” in each square. Being as our theme is Famous, some of our staff took on alter egos.

Head girls counselor Sarah Herman, was the ever popular Justin Bieber, our speaker Joel took on the persona of Abraham Lincoln, our missionary Holly was a famous Japanese pop star, also as pop stars we had teacher Kate as Kelly Clarkson, kitchen staff Crystal as Adele, Charity as Taylor Swift, Sydney as Hannah Montana, and Kathren as Selena Gomez, and our ever excited co-director Josh was Aaron Rodgers.

This group of staff took on the best and funniest roles while playing Hollywood Squares. There were two camper volunteers who went up front and would pick a square where they wanted their letter to go, either X or O to win tic-tac-toe. The camper would pick a celebrity and our co-director and host Sara Lee (guess who her alternate is) would ask that celebrity a question. The celebrity would then answer the question and the camper would either reject or accept the answer they were given, most of the time you were safer rejecting.

According to Abraham Lincoln it was George Washington who had a talking donkey, Hannah Montana said there are 10 land miles in a league, and Selena Gomez thinks you need faith the size of a sunflower seed to move a mountain. Bible trivia and obscure trivia questions provided a fun gathering and worship time for the campers before lunch and gave us a good laugh before hearing Josh’s testimony. It’s a different spin on morning worship but it’s no doubt, awesome. I can’t wait to see what other characters our staff take on this week, hopefully we’ll get Willie Robertson (Chuck Thornley) on the board. This week is promising to be famous for years to come and hopefully make new followers together.

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  1. Great! Now, we just need an evening of Delanco Whose Line is it Anyway?

    I’ll be glad to host.

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