The Spring Retreat for 7th through 12th graders is happening April 19-21 (Register now at Here’s 14 reasons why it’s going to be the best weekend ever…


There’s going to be a “Witness through Fitness” Zumba class taught by Kelly Goddard and Julio.


Wompus has been swimming laps for weeks in preparation. Any campers who want to race him can take up the challenge.


Weekend retreats pack in all of the things we like most about a week at camp in less than 48 hours. By our math that’s just about the most fun per hour humanly possible.


If you were at the fall retreat, you know that “it’s always a good time.” (Whoa-oh-oh-oh)


Since the theme is Cross-Training, Mike Harkisheimer has agreed to bench-press one of the craft shop tables each morning.


Julio is driving all the way from Rochester to be there. Would he let you down?


The Gaga Ball Pit has been awaiting your arrival all winter long.


The forecasted highs are 70 degrees, which according to our favorite meteorologist will be three degrees warmer than everywhere else in South Jersey.


Where else can you wake up to the sound of people singing “How Great Is Our God” around the flagpole?


The 76ers season has ended, the Union don’t play until Sunday and you’ll only miss one Flyers game.


You’ll see old friends and make new friends you’ll still want to hang out with when you’re 40.


You’ll be part of the first group to eat in the “extreme makeover” Dining Hall.


You’ll have a chance to inspire one of @heykellygirl’s tweets.


It’s at Delanco Camp. How can it not be the best weekend ever?

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