For a third month in a row, we topped 2,000 Goodsearches, a new record since we started using the charity search engine in 2009. Our total searches for the month came in at 2,062, which means we earned more than $20 for the camp just by doing what many of us already do a lot online anyway – search.

An additional $3.80 was earned through shopping online with Goodshop and $1.15 came in from GoodDining, which might just be the easiest of the Goodsearch properties to use. Once you register your credit card, it automatically sends a donation when you dine at participating restaurants and will give you a bonus donation for writing a review. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

The total for September was $25.57, which brings our 2012 total to $293.44. Update: Some additional GoodShop money came in, bringing the total for the month to $29.65.

Goal for November: Let’s see if we can not only top 2,000 searches for a fourth consecutive month, but also beat out our high for the year, 2,132 searches in August.

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