As a regular camper in the ’90s, Boost! or Tak-A-Boost as it is officially known, was a staple in the dining hall and always a topic of discussion and debate. Some said the locally-produced cola-flavored drink tasted like flat soda and purposely avoided it. Others loved it. And still others, like me, liked the idea that there was a drink I only saw or had while at summer camp.

The story of Boost! and its relationship with Burlington County dates back almost as far as this camp. Our old camp meeting in Delanco was 15 years old when Ben Faunce launched the drink in 1913 and started producing it in nearby Riverside. In a documentary that’s showing at the Cape May Film Festival on Oct. 20, Bottled Up: The Legend of Boost!, Dean and Nicole Greco explore the phenomenon known from its history to the cultural influences behind its success.

For more on the project, check out the Burlington County Times article “Getting a ‘Boost!’ into the spotlight.” You can also learn more about Boost! at

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