2012’s Middler camp week should be pretty exciting this year. Like always, Middler camp is for grades 5th through 7th. This particular age group of campers is always fun as they are still very active and participatory in all the various activities, skits, newcomb games and crafts that camp has to offer.

This years Middler Camp revolves around the theme of the Olympics which ties in well with what’s currently happening in the sports world. However, at Delanco Camp we aren’t going to push your kids to swim a 400 meter in a certain number of seconds. Nope. Olympics here is more about training yourself spiritually, physically and mentally for the rest of your life. Here we think more about what kind of spiritual activities and thought processes are good to get started now that you can then carry through the rest of your life. For instance, early efforts to spend daily time in devotion or prayer are building blocks on a firm, godly foundation.

We will have a large, mostly veteran staff this week spearheaded by Becky Wrentzel and Brandon Cobb our Co-Deans. Each day there will be a missionary moment as we remember people affiliated with the church currently serving God over seas and across the world. Personally, I believe it’s going to be a great week and should be a real fun and changing experience for all the campers coming up. These campers, whether pre-registered or walk-ons have been prayed over and all of them are here for a reason. Let’s get ready for another week at Middler Camp!

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