Flying Squirrel
The King of all Belly Flops. It must be done without fear and without apprehension. Full points are rewarded for the bravery it takes to accomplish this. Lisa Harkisheimer, one of our teen campers, is an expert.

Planned Rec
Camp sanctioned kids beating each other up. It goes under many different titles like Wawa Man or Sock Wrestling but involves crazy energy and fun. There is music pumping and hearts thumping and dirt runs rampage but it’s a favorite with the kids and takes place every day with different guidelines for different ages.

A child not old enough to go to camp but their parent’s are serving so they are given wild and free reign of the camp grounds. They are usually adorable and say funny and cute things.

Ella, Mike Ralph’s four-year-old explained to me exactly what a Wompus was my first day at camp. She had three different turtles on her shirt and she pointed to the biggest and said this is a Wompus and then pointed to another and this is not Wompus, that’s just a turtle. There are many turtles in the lake here but only the large snapping turtles get the special title of Wompus. Wompus is the number one camp tradition and once you are aware of them you are “in the know.”

Corn hole for you non-Delanco Camp raised people. Apparently there is only one small difference. Corn hole is used with wooden boards versus baggo’s plastic boards. As a Lancaster resident I can say the homemade wooden version is sooo much better.

CJ’s New Toy
This monster is not a simple toy by any means. It is a grown man’s excitement and wishes all wrapped into one motor vehicual. It’s half quad, half golf cart, half monster truck. And it’s simply a joy.

Table Number 1
A camp-wide accepted way of determining which table has first access to lunch, dinner or snack foods. (Seriously don’t do it at breakfast). It involves the whole table pounding on the table and chanting about what number they are until the chant is over or until all the cups fall down. Everyone is a winner except for the camp deans who constantly have to hear pounding demands.

Pure disgusting mayhem all under the guise of a night game. Usually and preferably played by teenage boys this game involves running at each other at full steam and trying to break eacho thers backs. (At least from my angle.) The testorone and sweat run freely and it is often accompanied by chanting and comraderie.

We jump tonight
Secret staff lingo that has evolved to simply mean that there will be a swim session later. It originally referred more dangerous water fun but since we are all chickens it now just means any water activity.

Pie night
A weekly and anticipated event for all the staff that occurs at CJ and Carrie’s house late after the campers are tucked in. Basically it involves stuffing your mouth with delicious and often, homemade, food.

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