While Delanco has been known for more than a century as a spiritual get-away in the summer, our ministry is active throughout the year with weekend retreats and other events that are staged on and off the camp grounds. On Dec. 28 and 29, a group of college students came to Delanco to fellowship with one another, study God’s Word and prepare for the upcoming semester. The following reflection was written by Jenna Garrison, outreach coordinator for New Jersey Christian Fellowship.

New Jersey Christian Fellowship is an InterVarsity chapter at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, N.J.We have been seeing God move a ton on our campus, and our fellowship has grown in number. We now have about 180 members who come and serve, as well as 12 small groups to study God’s Word.

Since so many awesome things have been happening, the servant leader team felt that we needed a winter retreat for us to get to know some more people, (it’s hard to know everyone in a growing fellowship!) as well as to reflect on what God’s done the past semester and look to Him for guidance for the coming spring semester. We chose Delanco Camp for our retreat because of its close location to our campus (no more than 3 hours for everyone, depending on how far north they live at home).

100_3941.jpgAlso, we wanted to bring more of the fellowship into a closer knit relationship with one another. Delanco is a blessing to us, to be able to bring 40 people down for an overnight adventure.

Friday everyone arrived and we played some games and were able to hear from a pastor who loves our fellowship and campus. Then we went to Wawa for dinner! It was really funny having 40 of us in the Wawa at the same time. Almost all of us ordered sandwiches, and the workers there were a bit overwhelmed, but i think it was amusing for them. We were patient customers, and got to explain to them who we were and why we were at camp Delanco.

It was amazing to pray and learn, read and fellowship and just have a good time together. We look forward to all that 2008 has to offer and to coming to Delanco for a second annual Winter Retreat.

Jenna Garrison, outreach coordinator, NJCF

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