Name: Tim Conaway
Nickname: Also, Tim.
Job: My job-job is a media director at Trinity United Methodist Church in Mullica Hill.
Age: 25
School attending/last attended: Asbury University
Home church: Above
Favorite Bible verse: Genesis 3:21. It’s kind of weird to say, but yea.
Favorite Delanco camp food: The Tang is pretty awesome.

What made you want to go to Africa with Mango Ministries?

The first moment was after I saw the film Hotel Rwanda and I felt I had a calling to share people’s stories whether that is through journalism or mission work or possibly a mixture. I couldn’t believe in my lifetime there were genocides and this is something that still continues today.

The reason I’m with Mango Minstiries is because I’m working part-time at Trinity and I was looking for radio work but then I kept feeling pushed to contact my missionary friend. One night I went online to the site, saw a position, and it just seemed like something I could do for a year. World Gospel Mission hooked me up quickly, and I was accepted. It’s just a year, so I can see if I can handle it.

How are you preparing yourself?

I’m trying to find quiet time to reflect about why I’m going. I’m pretty nervous right now. Preparing myself mentally and of course, I’m buying clothing and fitting stuff in a 50-pound suitcase, packing cameras and such. I’m also talking to my contact there who’s a good friend.

What are you most looking forward to during your year-long experience?

I’m most looking forward to developing relationships and hearing stories. I truly believe that a gift or calling I have is story telling. I really want to get to know people and maybe be helpful. Professionally, I”m trying to get Mango Ministries involved with Facebook and Twitter to get their message out more.

Is there anything you would recommend to others who want to serve in missions?

Definitely do a short-term mission trip to see if you can handle it. A lot of people complain about them but I think they are great. I went to Africa four years ago for a couple weeks in Kenya and my life was just transformed. That’s when I just fell completely in love with Kenya.

Share with us your elevator testimony.

I grew up in a Christian home, my father is a pastor but I didn’t want to be a Christian and I was like this for a long time. I wasn’t atheist but maybe an agnostic until I got in High school when a certain situation came up and then I truly believed that God existed. He became real in my life. That moment with the film Hotel Rwanda made me feel like God was speaking personally to me. I questioned my faith for awhile and then finally committed. With God now, I don’t want to lie to him by pretending I’m not sad or angry or even happy or joyous. With him I’m realistic.

If you were told you could do one thing and you absolutely would not fail in doing it, what would you do?

It sounds so cheesy but maybe run for President of the United States.

What’s next?

After this interview is a nap. Next is that I leave for Africa in a month and then I’m gone for a year. After that it’s decision time, should I stay in Africa or pursue other adventures?

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