After just a few days here at camp my personal bedroom is now about as sandy as the average beach. There is sand in cracks, crevices and dark places and that’s not even mentioning the sand on my body. Therefore, this blog will be about:

Ten things to do with sand while at Camp

1. Sand castle (that one was cheap, but hopefully they’ll get better)

2. Exfoliate

3. Teach biblical lessons about building your house upon the rock. Hmmmm, then why is Delanco Camp built upon the sand?

4. Eat a sand sandwich. There’s always that one bully that will put a mouthful of sand in your face.

5. Lay on it under a beach umbrella and some fluffy clouds

6. Tell the more ‘exuberant’ campers that they win a prize if they count all the granules

7. Marvel at the fact that God knows how many granules there are

8. Build little houses for the ants outside

9. Take a few hot steps in it before jumping into the coolness of the pond

10. Ignore it. Because you come in your room so sandy due to having fun and playing outside all day.

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