For two of the classes on Saturday, teams had the chance to develop a product made out of upcycled materials as a demonstration of how old products can be used to make something new and wonderful much the way God takes us in our brokenness and renews us into something new and wonderful.

There were four products created. Vote for your favorite one below (you can vote once per day). We’ll announce the winner on May 1.

Survivor Pack – Keeps You From Being Out of Whack

[poll id=”168″]

TableTether – Tether where there’s always good weather

[poll id=”166″]

Grab ‘N Go Chair – Your chair, on the go

[poll id=”167″]

JingleBerger RENEW Tree – Oh renewable tree, made of paper

[poll id=”165″]

5 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite upcycled product idea

  1. TableTether: Tether in any weather. Brilliant.

    Grab ‘N Go Chair: I never really thought how terribly inconvenient chairs were for not being portable enough. Good thing the Grab ‘N Go Chair was created.

  2. Campers had 45 minutes to conceive of a product, create a prototype and make a commercial. I think it’s safe to say that they did an AMAZING job.

  3. Safe…ha, that’s funny. Did anyone else’s get a queasy feeling in their stomach when Mackenzie sat down on the Grab ‘N Go or was that just me?

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