Last night after snack time, the campers enjoyed searching through the woods for glow sticks in order to earn points and “bring the power back to the camp” by assisting this secret group called the Black A team. Counselor Roger’s team won with an amazing 66 points.

Since this week’s theme is “Dare to be a Daniel,” each morning’s classes revolve around daring people in the Bible. One way our junior campers dared to be like Daniel was taking on the challenge course. The campers had to work together to complete difficult challenges, with the lesson being that just like their teammates, God is always there to help them through life’s challenges.

During free time many campers went fishing, one of the campers caught a very large bass. Many went swimming to stay cool in the hot weather, while others went on boat rides with their counselors. Some of the kids went to the craft shop and made some really nice wall decorations.

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