Name: Jennifer Nieves
Nickname: Jen
Hometown: Chester, PA
Occupation: Teacher
Home Church: Olivet United Methodist, Pittsgrove, NJ
Education: Bachelors of Art in Mathematics & Secondary Ed & Masters in Multicultural Education, Eastern University, PA
Family: My immediate family is my husband Julio and son Lucas. My brother Steve and I are co-deans together and our parents are also part of our staff.
Years Attending Delanco Camp: 23 years
Years as Dean: 7
Favorite snack from the store: Chipwich
Favorite camp meal: Ham and cheese on pretzel roll
Favorite camp activity: volleyball
Favorite camp night game: lost platoon
Elevator Testimony: I gave my life to Christ when I was about 5 years old. Growing up in the church, I learned a lot about how to be a Christian, but it was at Delanco that those lessons became relevant to me. When I was a junior high camper I learned that God wanted all of me, all the time. My commitment that week was the beginning of my sanctification process. God continues to work in me to make me the person he created me to be.

How did you first discover Delanco Camp? Frank Brown was the youth pastor at my church growing up and he talked to the congregation about camp. I was only in 4th grade, but I told my mom that I wanted to go. She was nervous but I was very excited. I loved it and cried when it was time to leave at the end of the week. I’ve been there every year since.

What is a dean and what made you want to be a dean? A dean is the person who plans the program and selects staff for a week of camp. I was excited to become a dean to bring together a great group of people to minister to youth and to bring some contemplative practices into the camp experience.

What’s the theme for your week and why? “Legacy” What kind of legacy will you leave behind? What will people say about you? Will they say that you were faithful? That you loved Christ and loved others well? Will they have less than pleasant things to say? Or will they even remember you? It is our purpose as disciples to leave a legacy of showing others Christ.

Why should people come to camp the week you are in charge? We have a great time at Teen II! We play hard, we have intense worship, and we fellowship purposefully. Teen Camp is a time to deepen your relationship with God and really begin to make your faith your own as you grow in maturity in life.

What surprises do you have in store? We will again be incorporating a time of contemplative worship to allow you to experience God in a different way from the norm. But I can’t give more than that or it won’t be a surprise…

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Enjoying time with my family at camp.

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