Name: Daniel Ulrich
Nickname: Dan, Pancakes
Hometown: Sicklerville NJ
Occupation: Student and Young Adult Pastor
Home Church: Sicklerville UMC
Education: BA in Marketing and Youth Ministry at Eastern University, currently in Seminary at Wesley Seminary at IWU
Family: Wonderful wife Julie, and baby girl on the way!
Years Attending Delanco Camp: 14?
Years as Dean: 3
Fondest Camp Memory: Experiencing true revival July 3, 2002
Favorite snack from the store: Chipwich or Nestle’s version whatever it is called. I got yelled at by the Nestle vender at the food show for calling it a Chipwich… even though it is.
Favorite camp meal: Chicken patty.
Favorite camp activity: Soccer.
Favorite camp night game: DWA – long live the pretty boys!
Elevator Testimony: I grew up at church and first received salvation at a young age. Through youth group and Delanco I continued to grow in my knowledge of Christ and surrender my life over to him. I am continuing to learn, grow and receive from Christ more and more each day.

How did you first discover Delanco Camp?
Growing up in Sicklerville UMC I heard stories from older kids in the youth group and decided to go to junior camp and have been involved ever since.

What is a dean and what made you want to be a dean?
A dean is someone from my mother’s family. I didn’t have a choice as to who my grandparents were, but I would have picked them if I did.

What’s the theme for your week and why?
Our theme is “White as Snow” because it is a great example from the Bible about how Christ’s blood washes over us and makes us pure, blameless and holy. Also, how much fun is it going to be to have winter activities in the middle of the summer?

Why should people come to camp the week you are in charge?
People should come to every week of camp they can because it is an environment that allows for people to be changed by the Holy Spirit. Our camp is going to be awesome just like all of them this summer!!

What surprises do you have in store?
Two words: Mount Delanco.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? I am looking forward to the same thing that I look forward to every summer: seeing people’s lives be transformed by God. It is why I keep coming back year after year.

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  1. What’s funny, Dan, is Nestle owns the rights to the name Chipwich. Dreyer’s, a division of Nestle, bought the brand in 2007.

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