I’m going to keep this short and sweet for a reason. I want this to hit you like it hit me.

Think of the God we serve and how absolutely marvelous he is. He sent his only Son to die for us! Looking at Jesus’ life, you see his constant perfection in his battle with the flesh. Looking at his crucifixion you see him brutally nailed to a cross. This beautiful, heart breaking scene is what cleanses us today and what goes over my head so often. You see, growing up in the church, I always hear about the cross and most of the time take it for granted. Are you in the same boat? Read Matthew 27…actually think about it! Pray for more and more understanding because nothing can bring our human minds to grip with how much love and compassion Jesus Christ showed towards a mankind that was backstabbing him then, and is still backstabbing him today. Picture yourself at the foot of the cross, hearing the mockers pass, daring him to save himself when we as Christians knew he could’ve. We are those mockers. Every time we sin, we do it at the foot of that tree that he was nailed on.

The thing that gets me is the fact that even when Jesus was up there on that cross, hearing all of these people, his heart was still breaking for them; and his heart still breaks for us sinners today. Through suffocation, bleeding, and unfathomable suffering his main goal was to please his Father in Heaven by taking the sins of the world. We might as well be one of those mockers walking by the cross that scoffed at the Almighty King when we fall into the trap of sin.

To Jesus be the glory for his amazing life here on earth and to God be the glory for giving such a cruel world a chance to live.

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