Like the big basketball tournament it’s modeled after there was a flurry of activity in the first round with multiple upsets. Ten, count ’em 10 double-digit seeds won in the first round.

The biggest Cinderella to survive round one was the 14th-seeded My Pet Rocks shirt (which didn’t even sell out when they were offered at Jr. High 2 in 2007) upset the LOST shirt from last year’s Middler Camp (modeled very well here by our friend Josh).

One of my personal favorites – Waving the White Flag – was upset by a shirt I designed and did not vote for, the 13th-seeded Honk If You Love Jesus shirt and thanks to the personal campaign launched by Andrew “Turtle” Robertson for his Turtle? shirt, another great shirt from last summer, Rock Paper Scissors SERVE, was narrowly defeated. The most lopsided defeat came from a shirt I own from a camp I only visited – the softball-jersey style Dirty Clothes, Clean Hearts, which might just be a darkhorse to win it all (the photos really don’t do this shirt justice).

From the lower seeds, I’d say the What’s Your Story? shirt is one to keep an eye on. This shirt could go, to quote Dick Vitale, “all the way baby.” Our four number seeds will get their first tests of the tournament as well and we’ll learn more about whether tradition or design hold serve in this competition. Vote early, but only vote once in all four regions every 24 hours. Tune in here Monday, as we break down the Sweet Sixteen.

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    1. Good question. If you’re going to help stack the deck at least vote for the other match-ups as well.

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