Our good friend Rob Lewis, a local pastor who has served the camp as a dean and a member of the board of directors, racked up 15-plus seconds of fame last night on TLC’s “Four Weddings,” a reality show where four brides attend each others weddings and weigh in their opinions.

Rob, the pastor of Gibbsboro UMC (a church my dad served as pastor when I was in elementary school) officiated the wedding of show contestants Chelsea and Phil. His voice and few shots of him officiating the wedding made it on the show as well as a number of great shots of the church’s exterior.

I never would have watched the show if not for the Gibbsboro UMC tie-in, but there are far worse reality shows out there to be on I suppose than this one even if the true meaning and significance of marriage gets little play.

If you want to see the episode for yourself, you’re going to have to fork over a couple dollars on iTunes (did someone say Goodshop?). Search for Four Weddings and the name of the episode, which is “And a Love Hike.”

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