Junior Camp opened my eyes to the future of Christianity. I watched as the campers went from barely mumbling the praise and worship songs to openly singing and dancing even on the volleyball court. It showed me how even at so young an age God can melt into your heart and take control.

As they take the journey of life while holding God’s hand nothing is holding them back. Their faith is already inspiring other generations. They have given me hope. They are living examples that God is constantly making new beginnings and opening new doors, therefore I have decided to take a different approach to my faith. I am going to look at it through the eyes of a child. Even though I am still young the world has already blurred my vision. I wish to wipe the slate clean once again and look more openly. The eyes of a child often see so much more than the focused eyes of teenager or adult. As we grow older, we tend to concentrate more on our work, our wants, and our day to day routines. We miss out on the big picture. There is a world full of change, opportunity, and hope out there if we only could see it.

I ask you to please open your Bibles and read 1 John 3:1-3. See how God calls us his children, not His adults or even His teenagers, but His children. It also speaks of how we may not know exactly what the future holds, but we do not need to know when our focus is on Christ, who is pure. So this is my challenge to you and to myself; look through the eyes of children as you walk through life. This means looking at and focusing on the big picture, our God and Father, not stressig over the details and clouding our judgement with our own goals. Rejoice in the fact the we are loved and looked after by a heavenly parent and realize that once we accept that everything else seems small and insignificant.

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  1. This was my daughter first year here at Delanco Camp. Looks to me that all the kiddys are having a blast! Keep up the great work Delanco!

    1. Thanks for sending your daughter, Robin. We're glad so many kids have had such a great time at our camps this summer and pray that God would use the many experiences they have had to impact their lives for eternity.

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