I forgot to talk about this yesterday. Our missionary, Zach Motts, is our speaker for morning chapel. He likes to tell this story about Tom Tom, a boy who visited the kingdom of Delancocampia. He was fortunate enough to meet the king of Delancocampia. The king said that Tom Tom could visit any place of the kingdom but one area, across the lake. Tom Tom was an adventurous child so, he explored the area across the lake. When he got over there, he got lost and fell down a mountain and hurt himself. As he carried on his journey to find his way back to Delancocampia, he heard this large ogre roaring on top of a mountain.

And that’s the story of Tom Tom so far. Zach broke the story up into five segments, one for each chapel. So check back tomorrow to read more about the marvelous misadventures of Tom Tom. I won’t be able to finish the story as tomorrow will be my last blog post before I go back to big kid world. So, it’s the ultimate cliffhanger!

We played a Nukem tournament today. Some of the team names were The Jokers, The Awesome, The Awesome-r, The Monkeys and The Jamaican Monkeys just to name a few. Creativity was oh so evident at this tourney. We also had a Frisbee throwing competition on the beach. The goal was to throw it to someone on the dock. It was exceptionally hard because the Frisbee was a cheap plastic one and it was warped. But, it was done after a little while.

Julie spoke about the desires of this world, how they are temporary in satisfying someone, and we are to rise above them. Our night game tonight is LOST. Same idea as last week, the kids have to run around, not get caught by The Others and grab supplies.


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