So, here we are. This is it. The final camp of the 2010 season. It’s hard to believe how quick this summer has gone. After about 45 blog posts, several videos, thousands of pictures, we’re standing here, looking into the face of another Delanco Camp offseason. But we’re not finished yet. We still have one more week left and for me, four more days. The camp’s grounds are full with the little eager beavers looking to enjoy their final week of freedom before they go back to school (yes, I said the ‘S’ word.)

Our first night of service, Julie Ulrich, our speaker, spoke about what it means to be lost in this world. Not physically lost, but spiritually lost, lost in Christ.

Our night game will be indoor, mingle games. I’ve always enjoyed these and it should be fun.

Thanks for letting your kids be here this week.


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