We’re at the halfway point of Camp Meeting and it’s hard to believe. It’s gone by so quick. The good news is that we have the remaining half of the week to go of what has been an exciting and eventful week! So, continue to check in with us every night for the happenings at Camp!

Today was a great day with many classic camp traditions taking place. During free time, a few counselors took the opportunity to feed the little painter turtles swarming the party deck. For the record, I will not call it the gazebo. Nothing can ever replace it. Hence me calling it the party deck.

So anyway, as they swarmed the party deck, Pat Cain and James Duer, the aforementioned counselors, grabbed those turtles and put them into a container. One of the kids who was with them ran up to me and said, ‘Hey you!’ That guy (referring to Pat, I’m presuming) caught about 50 turtles!’ So, I walked over there, looked into the container and saw about 15.

So the moral of the story is this: 50 is the new 15.

Ultimate Frisbee was also played on the typically burning hot soccer field but, due to the abnormally cool temperatures, it was rather cool and bearable. If you haven’t realized it yet, I enjoy the weather; it fascinates me. Call me old but it’s true. I also read the newspaper when the opportunity presents itself.

Our third Camp tradition was TURKEY DINNER, complete with mashed potatoes, peas, gravy and stuffing/dressing depending what area of the country you’re from. This dinner was also blessed by a prayer said in Spanish by one of the Bowens’ kids, Lucas or Timmy.

And our final camp tradition for the day was Missionary Night! Andy Bowen briefly spoke on the differences between American and Paraguayan culture and how much fifteen American dollars can buy in the Paraguayan economy before handing over the microphone to Ron Smith.

Not a bad day…not a bad day.

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