A few of the boys who I’ve befriended this week asked me to give them a shout out on the blog. So to the boys who have been a little more loyal than a shadow throughout the week. This is for you. In fact, they’re sitting right beside me making sure I type this out. So, task completed.

Today was one of my favorite lunches ever: pizza day! It’s one of my favorites primarily because, especially in recent summers, the kitchen staff likes to put an assortment of random food on the pizza.

For example, bacon cheeseburger pizza, turkey dinner pizza and taco meat pizza were a few of the specialty pizzas that were made today. Remember how excited I was about turkey dinner last night? Yeah, that excitement didn’t wane today.

The planned recreation of the day was Duck, Duck, Wham! For those new to the ways of Delanco Camp, in a nutshell, it’s Duck, Duck, Goose on a wet slippery tarp. So, it’s a slip sliding mess but it’s fun.

Over the years since Duck, Duck, Wham’s initiation to Camp, various names have been made up for the game. I have to say, Duck, Duck, Boom has to be my favorite.

If you have any other names, whether something you’ve heard at Camp or a totally new one, for the game of Duck, Duck, Wham. Post it below, it just may catch on.


P.S. Tonight is Missionary Night with Ron Smith paving the way for him. I stand corrected.

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Creativity and Duck Duck…

  1. Duck, Duck, Splat
    Duck, Duck, Wipeout
    Duck, Duck, Watchout
    Duck, Duck, Faceplant
    Duck, Duck, Broken Arm
    Duck, Duck, Lawsuit Waiting To Happen
    Duck, Duck, Insurance Premium Increase

  2. “Duck Duck Lawsuit Waiting to Happen” sounds the most applicable given the ridiculous love towards lawsuits in this century xD

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