Sunday may have been the start of Junior High 2 camp, but we were all seven years old for a moment as Michael Smith, the dean for the week, entered the tabernacle sporting a cardigan sweater and changed his shoes, as the familiar Mr. Rogers theme song played over the speakers. “Welcome to the Neighborhood” is the theme, so maybe we will get a chance to see some talking puppets and a miniature trolley this week.

We were also introduced to some magical friends in the neighborhood as the band Drive Thru Parking played original songs and led us in worship. The band members spent some time retelling the serious and not-so-serious history of the band, which included their Christian versions of popular rock songs. Everyone in the audience clapped along as the band played “Brown Eyed Jesus” and “Let’s Worship On,” much to the dismay of the lead singer who abruptly began the evening tied up in the back room. Drive Thru Parking will be hanging out at camp all week and leading evening worship, so come and visit Junior High 2.

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