By Sarah Herman

For Teen 1, dean JD chose the theme  “Living in The LAND OF THE LOST” – which came from the show, “The Land of The Lost” which unfortunately, most of the campers, I included, had never seen (Editors note: there was a recent film adaptation starring Will Ferrell). But it was related over into the spiritual world by talking about how we are living in the land of the lost and how we should outreach to those we know who aren’t saved.

The week was filled with fun games, including: the classic sunday night mingle games, duck duck wham, pirates, narcolepsy, a friday night talent show, and much more.

The evangelist was Rick Court, whose messages were incredible and really grabbed my attention because they were object lessons.  For example: when he talked about getting right with God ourselves before trying to help others, he gave us all toothpicks and used the story Jesus told about getting the plank out of our eye before we take the speck (toothpick) out of our neighbors eye.  He also gave out small pieces of broken chains symbolizing that we have been freed from our chains of sin through Christ’s death.

Overall, Teen 1 was a great chance to grow close with friends, have a fun time, and most importantly grow in Christ.  If you are Teen camp age (entering 10th grade through recent high school graduates) and didn’t make it out to Teen 1, I strongly encourage you to come to Teen 2, August 2 – 8.

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