Friday night Jamie wrapped up talking about where do we go from here.  He told us that we all need mentors, a like-minded friend, and someone to pour into.  He told us those people are in his life and he also gave us biblical reference to them.  Friday night we played the first installation of “the sandlot”, I’ll admit the game wasn’t as good as the skit, it was find the characters and find the ball, but what can I say we were getting tired by Friday.  The skit was great.  It stared Courtney and Devon Sizemore and 7 or 8 campers.  They pulled it off so well, which was impressive because we were throwing the skit together in the back of the dining hall during snack.  I think the campers who helped out this week in the night games had a new found appreciation for what goes into getting the night games together, especially the ones who helped Friday.

Saturday we sent the kids off with a benediction from ?, darn I can’t find it right now, I’ll edit and add it later.

To sum things up we had a great week at teen 2.  It was especially exciting to have so many campers come back for their 4th and final teen camp, which also happens to be the 4 years that Jen and I have been doing camp.  I’ll admit to getting a little emotional while praying for these young adults during the Saturday post camp meeting.  They’ve been here every year we have and next year they won’t.  We hope they will stay strong in the faith and transition into the leadership of the camp.  For those of you who are that age, remember that you are now elidgible for Memorial day camp.  It was also great to have many others back again as well as many new faces.  I hope they all stay in touch with each other and with us.

I want to give huge cudos to the staff for making this week great.  Our staff this year truely got that it was all about the campers.  We had a small staff which called some people into double duty but they were fanominal.  

Here are the pictures from the week.  Enjoy.  If you post any of your own pictures somewhere please let me know and I’ll put a link up here as well.  Hopefully Jon can get some of the video up soon.

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