Tucker camp, as most of you know it, was a great time for all who went, or at least for me.

There was volleyball, basketball, pirates, gotcha, and of course Duck Duck Wham. But also just spending time with God in an amazing prayer walk.

The food is always good, as well as the people there with you. But camp would be nothing without the extremely dedicated staff. From counselors, to kitchen, to lifeguards, to worship leaders, and to all, I wanna say thanks.

Jamie Damm’s messages were truly powerful and impacting. The theme of the week was “I AM” and he talked on what we are in God’s eyes, and being rebels for Christ. How we should stand out and be different in the world, but to be different with a cause. Julio’s morning messages were great as well.

I know I had an amazing time and truly felt God work, and I hope all who went did as well.

-Sarah Herman

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