Jenny McCall, wife of Camp Meeting evangelist Tom McCall, wrote a nice little piece on her Small Things blog about their week out at camp meeting.

Here’s a little snippet:

I really enjoyed the people of Delanco. It was so encouraging to see holiness lived out in the diverse lives we encountered at this little camp in South Jersey. Whether it was hearing Steve and Connie (from Ireland!!) sing (or feeling their instantaneous love for our family), hearing Big Street (from Sweden!!) sing and interact with the college students at camp, listening to an elderly (but oh so young at heart) couple from Germany talk to me about being a part of the German Lutheran resistance before and during WWII, hearing how today that elderly German doctor works 3 days a week at the Ocean City Rescue Mission to serve a population that has absoutely no access to health care. In the mornings I was able to attend Tom’s Bible study on Romans and also a second study on I Corinthians taught by a new female friend who is finishing up her Ph.D. at Princeton. I loved hearing the camp president (homeschool mom of 4, 3 graduated already) pray. Her passion is for this camp to be a connection point for students to experience God and then go out and make a difference in their worlds. Lastly, I was able to sit and hear my husband preach sermon after sermon each night. I felt my heart challenged and renewed by his passion of a holy God who wants to make His people a holy people.

Click here for the full blog entry.

Thanks for the kind words, Jenny.

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