While the local professional teams seem to have the bulk of the sports fan support out at camp, you’re likely to see a number of teams represented on the grounds in the summer.

Whether it’s our friends from the parts of New Jersey that get New York channels sporting New York Giants or Yankees gear or the countless people we’ve known who became UK fans when they went away to school at Asbury, the camp’s fan support doesn’t stick to the Philly format.

I myself have always kind of been that guy who wears gear for out-of-town (Cubs, Kansas Jayhawks) and out-of-country (Arsenal FC) teams in part because I grew up in a couple different states and my family never gravitated to Philly teams. For example, when the Minnesota Twins won the World Series in 1987 my dad printed a poster congratulation them and put it out front of the Gibbsboro UMC parsonage because it’s the closest Major League team near where my mom grew up in South Dakota.

Since it’s Champions Week, I figured we’d do a survey and see who the most popular teams in our community. Follow the link below to fill out the survey.

Sports Team Survey

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