shuffleboard.jpg Want to help enhance recreation out at camp this summer? Consider purchasing these new items to the camp (links contained).

Note: We are not accepting used items. Only new ones. Since Delanco is a nonprofit organization, all donations qualify as charitable giving for tax purposes.

For more information, contact Steve Tucker at steve.tucker(at)

Volleyball Lines – $30

Two new volleyballs – $100

Volleyball Crank– $30

Four pads for Dance-Praise Game – $200

Ten new 165gram frisbees – $50

Two new 200gram Frisbees – $20

Bean bag toss target and additional bean bags – $100

Shuffle board set – $100

Five new tetherballs and ropes – $100

Bocce Ball set – $100

Goals and two sets of blongoballs – $70

Two additional sets of blongoballs – $20

Five Aerobies – $40

Ping Pong balls and paddles – $65

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