I have known Andrew Robertson since he was just a little tyke running around camp. In fact, he was so small when I first got to know him I would often hold him up over my shoulders so he could try to shoot a basket. 

So when my brother Mike came up with the idea of making shirts with Andrew, aka Turtle’s face on it (modeled after the Wompus. shirts) I just had to make it happen.

Earlier this year I surprised Andrew with his very own “Turtle.” shirt. While putting in an order for additional Wompus shirts over the summer, I decided I’d get some “Turtle?” shirts made up as well. They sold out in a flash.

I just received some more in the mail so I have a very limited supply. If you want one, hurry up and contact me at matt(at)delanco.org. While supplies last, you can get one for $12 postage paid. All proceeds, of course, go to Turtle’s favorite ministry, Delanco Camp.