Let’s cast a Video Game-themed Night Game

Camp counselors and staff share a lot of qualities with many of our favorite video game characters. They are helpful, willing to go the extra mile and heroic. One thing they may not share with video game characters is that they don’t get much credit for all that they do.

For today’s activity we’re casting our largest night game cast ever at camp. Nominate a counselor or staff member who you think would make a great (insert name of video game character). Send your nominations to info@delanco.org or tag us and the counselor/staff member on social media.

Delanco Camp Minecraft

Missing Delanco Camp? Now you can go virtually! Join us for Delanco Camp Minecraft! Help Build Delanco or just walk the grounds. Here’s how!

Watch the video or read below!

Once you’ve purchased Minecraft and made an account

  1. Log in. 
  2. Click play
  3. Wait for it to load
  4. Click Multiplayer
  5. Click add server 
  6. In second text box type grrtain.com:42973


Right click to place blocks
Left click to destroy
E shows list of inventory
Keys WASD To move around.