My memories go back to the old camp grounds and being a part of the move.  I grew up on the camp grounds as I lived across the street from the Camp and my aunt and uncle and later my grandparents lived year-round in two of the cabins.

As a kid, I would help my mother and aunt clean the dorms etc. in preparation for the camps.
As a teenager I was the janitor and on occasion ran the snack shop. In those days we would go to the river to swim. When the river became too bad is when the pool became available.

As a youth we had the two camps, one over July 4th and the other over Labor Day. 
They were great times of spiritual growth and renewal. There were occasions when the Spirit moved in such a way that people would come to the altar before the message. There was a man that attended and would sit on the front row. Noah wore a straw hat with the band saying “Jesus Saves.” He inspired the evangelists.

After we were married and were living in the area, my wife helped the Holts family in the kitchen and later ran the kitchen in Delanco and after the move during Camp Meeting week. It was quite an experience starting camp at the new site. I spent a lot of time helping Carlton Sr doing the plumbing  in the motel.

A member of the church I served built the boys dorm. They were exciting years seeing the campus developing. Many young people  from my churches found Christ at Delanco. It’s great to see the way you folks are keeping the spirit of Delanco Camp alive and reaching so many youth for Christ. Keep up the good work.

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2 thoughts on “Walter Quigg recalls ‘great times of spiritual growth and renewal’ in Delanco

  1. Thank you for this interesting read. It was my great grandfather Holtz and great grandmother Holtz who were in the kitchen. And my grandmother (who later married my grandfather Holtz) worked in the kitchen as a teenager. Later, much, much later, I went to the newer location in the 80s. And no, I did not work in the kitchen. Just stuffed my face there like any teenager. 😁

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