One of the things I loved most about Camp Meeting this past weekend was seeing how many different generations were here at Delanco Camp. For some families, there were three or four generations of campers represented on the grounds. And as we celebrate 50 years of ministry here at Lake Agape, this past weekend we reminisced about the past, looked into the present, and hoped for the future of this place.

Many of the children that were in attendance this past weekend are still a few years off from coming to camp on their own, but it is a beautiful thing to see how much love they have for this place and the Lord already. But soon, the kids that ran around the grounds the past few days will be future counselors, teachers, or summer staff. They will be the ones celebrating the 100 years of ministry at Lake Agape. And maybe they will bring their own kids back to Delanco Camp, and the cycle will continue.

It was truly special to hear from each of the speakers this past weekend. In each of the messages, including from Rev. Jerry Ruff this morning in Chapel, it is so clear how much Delanco Camp has impacted lives the past 50 years here. Each of them shared about how they remember their own days as campers, or the first time they ever walked onto these hallowed, sandy grounds. And one thing that each of our four speakers had in common was how they thought it was wonderful to see many former campers and staff that brought along their children and grandchildren to experience Delanco Camp.

And now, as Junior Camp starts tonight, there will be another generation of Delanco campers experiencing this place for the first time. Some kids that I’ve known since they were born are coming to camp for the first time this week, and to me, that’s a beautiful thing. I’m grateful for the reminiscing this past weekend at Camp Meeting, and I’m looking forward to watching new friendships and memories develop this week at Junior Camp!