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I would think everyone who has had the opportunity to spend any time at Delanco has those special remembrances of those new friends made, favorite counselor or dean, a favorite night game, a favorite message or even a favorite horse they liked to ride during free time.

While I have so many of those same memories of going to camp each summer I think there are three memories that stand out for me. The first was the summer after my Mom passed away I was 12 and it was my second year attending summer camp, I recall feeling excited and apprehensive at the same time. I was very blessed to have had the best counselor and while her name escapes me the feeling of love and compassion is what I remember the most.

During the middle of the week after service I felt the tugging at my heart to go to the altar but I was too scared to get up. After the service while most had filed out I remained in my seat and my counselor came and sat with me, she invited me to pray at the alter and let go of all the fears and sadness it was one of the most liberating feelings I have ever felt. That night God filled me with a peace that I had never known and even as a young child I knew my life would never be the same.

Fast forward 17 years and the second memory is when my home church had a weekend retreat and Rev. Wilbur (Hoppy) Hoffman was our guest speaker. My husband Tom and I had been married for seven years and had been unsuccessful in conceiving a baby. After several miscarriages and heartbreak we were both ready to be content with whatever God had in store for us. During that weekend retreat Rev. Hoffman knowing of our desires had us come to the altar and with our entire church family laid hands on Tom and I and prayed that whatever God’s plan for us that we would be obedient to it. Three months later I was pregnant with our first daughter.

My third memory was when we prayed to God after Tom’s retirement that “Wherever, Whatever and Whenever” he was leading us we would be open to his plan, little did I know his plan would bring us to Delanco and have us be part of the bigger picture. These are just three of the memories that were very instrumental in my life and like many others Delanco has helped mold my life personal and spiritual.
I give thanks to God for allowing me to have had such impact from Delanco and hopefully we can help to bring impact to many others lives for years to come.

Join us at camp for the Lake Agape 50th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday, June 6, at 5 p.m. Click here for more info.

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