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Editor’s Note: Today is day 41 of our 50 Years at Lake Agape countdown. Click here to read the other articles.

Ever since the time when as I camper I saw staff members bust into the dining hall dressed as The A-Team – Wally as Murdock, Thad as Hannibal, Jim Schroeder as B.A. Barracus and Jake Lee as Face – I have known the dining hall to be a place of endless possibilities.

From the insanity of elaborate night game intros with counselors hamming it up, showing up from unexpected places or hiding under a table for a very long like Brian Wolf did once upon a time to the crazy food games and other activities, night activities have been a highlight for generations.

One such event happened way back in 2003 when I was on staff for a junior high camp. Nicknamed the Delanco Wrestling Association, the evening activity was our version of professional wrestling. One of my favorite things about the event, beside announcing with Chuck Thornley, were the characters that were created and the personalities that came out in the live feed interviews (set up by future Apple employee Dave Ralph) from the back of the dining hall.

Twelve years later, the video below is a trip down memory lane with some of my favorite people, many whom I haven’t seen or talked to in way too long. Though he’s not in this video segment, the DWA event featured one of this year’s summer staffers Brandon Merrill, when he was very little and became a camp favorite for his catch phrase “wrapped in duct tape.”

What are some of your favorite memories of evening activities in the dining hall? Share them in the comments.

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