This week at camp, the theme is ‘Be Excellent,’ based from Romans 16:19 stating, ‘’Be excellent at what is good, be innocent of evil.” We started off the week by asking how our posture is, specifically our hearts’ posture toward God. After looking at some goofy pictures of cartoons with horrible posture, speaker Sean Scribner, challenged us to evaluate the posture of our heart coming into this week of camp.

At morning chapel, Chuck Thornley continued this theme as he shared with the campers and staff parts of his personal testimony. He stated, ‘Jesus wants to change you.’ A simple statement with powerful meaning; I sat in the pew, listening and was filled with awe as I pondered those five words. Jesus wants to change each and every one of us and it can start with an ‘excellent’ week at camp. We were encouraged to consider our attitude and do a heart check, evaluating where we find our value, in Christ or in ourselves. Our value is not found in ourselves or what we can do, but it is solely found in Christ and what He can do.

The rest of this week, we will be considering numerous ways that we can “Be Excellent” in The Lord through classes, morning chapel, evening service, and fellowship with one another.

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