1) “Learning how to serve the Lord by serving others. Also, driving the truck!” – Rachel Goss, volunteer coordinator 2012 – 2013

2) “Being able to experience every single week of camp and the different groups of people who come along with them!” – Kaitlyn (Farrow) Dugan, kitchen staff 2009 – 2011

3) “Being around so many people with different life experience and their own unique relationship with Christ. Raking the lake is pretty fun too.” – Sarah Workman, maintenance 2011

4) “Committing to a service position at Delanco allows for a process of deep reflection and understanding. You become open and vulnerable to recognizing your purpose and the plan that God has in motion. You are filled with fellowship and God’s word not only daily but hour by hour. You gain an incredibly special sense of calling and community. And pretzel roll sandwiches.” – Bryanna Gederberg, kitchen staff 2006

5) “Forging friendships through acts service, ridiculous amounts of fun, and worship & Scripture daily!” – Sarah (Powell) Lee, lifeguard and outside roamer 2001 – 2005

6) “It’s an unforgettable experience. serving the Lord all summer at a camp in the middle of the Pine Barrens. Along with serving campers, staff, and parents who come and go every week for multiple weeks – you meet a lot of new people, hear different stories, learn new things, grow stronger in your faith, and you will not regret it.” – Andrew “Turtle” Robertson, kitchen and storekeeper 2006 – 2008, 2010, 2011

7) “Because some wise woman once said that sand is a natural exfoliator. So you get a pedicure all summer long!” – Sarah (Goss) Velazquez, assistant cook 2011

8)”Weekly pretzel roll sandwiches!” – CJ Caufield, wrangler 1988 – 1993

n1339650089_30003585_19169) “I always enjoyed the variety of worship services throughout the summer. It was amazing to see jr. campers jumping up and down to praise The Lord, teen campers raising their hands in worship, and everything in between.” – Becky (Jones) Wrentzel, kitchen staff 2002, 2005 – 2008

10) “It’s very challenging, and extremely rewarding, to be part of the team that does the behind the scenes work so students can hear God speaking to their hearts. On top of that, it’s so much fun getting to meet a bunch of great people and lifelong friends.” – Kevin Strauch, assistant cook 2010

11) “Being at camp all summer is a sure-fire way to hear from God. You (also) get to make lifelong friends that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.” – Dave Hallahan, outside supervisor 2010

12) “The ability to serve the Lord while being surrounded by like minded individuals who will strengthen and encourage you in your walk with Jesus. It’s a great experience. One that I will always treasure.” – Kevin Wolf, maintenance, outside roamer, 2005-2007, 2009, 2011

n747388453_541841_284813) “Unforgettable experiences, lifetime friendships. Challenging yet rewarding work” – Carlton Bodine III, storekeeper 2006

14) Being able to wake up each day and experience God’s love and grace in completely different ways. And to witness how he touches every heart without discriminating! – Colleen “Mama” McCullough, head cook 2010-2012

15) “Being stretched spiritually and physically more than you thought possible and finding God to be the most faithful provider and sustainer through it all.” – Jennifer (Tucker) Nieves, storekeeper, maintenance, lifeguard, wrangler 1995 – 2000

16) “Being apart of a community of people whose sole purpose is to serve the Lord, and building life long relationships with them. Weekly pretzel sandwiches are a bonus too.” – LeeAnn Dobbs, kitchen staff, 2011

Follow this link to download the application and enjoy pretzel roll sandwiches (and the community) all summer long!

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