Former camper and regular staffer Sarah Herman released her debut album Anchors last month. You can preview the album and purchase it through her website at

Sarah has this to say about the album on her website:

“Friends; everyone has a story to tell: and this is mine. I’m OCD. Birds absolutely terrify me (it’s called ornithophobia and it’s real). I like to play sports, yet I hate to run. I love the water; lakes, rivers, oceans, swamps, ponds, bays, you name it. The trees when their leaves turn orange makes me smile childishly. I also have a slight obsession with bridges. I like Italian food more than Chinese food, but it’s hard to beat a good steak. My first and most important love will always be my Savior. I express myself best through music; and instead of keeping my expression to myself, I decided to share it with all of you. I hope, in return, you’ll share yours with me also. Much love, -Sarah”

One thought on “Sarah Herman Releases Debut Album ‘Anchors’

  1. Buy this CD it’s awesome! Known this girl my whole life and she’s the one who first brought me to Delanco! She’s a true woman of God and expresses that through her music. Go Sarah!!

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