I want you all to meet Lida. She’s here from Rochester, New York for her first ever week at Delanco Camp. Every night we have a testimony during worship before the sermon and tonight she said what we all need to hear but sometimes don’t want to.

When Lida was 7 her grandfather sent her to an orphanage where she lived in the Ukraine. It was a nice Christian orphanage with good schooling, clothes, plenty to eat, and a safe place to live. She had everything she needed, everything but a family. Now, Lida is a tall girl, think European model, and there she is. She told us about how she’s always been tall and skinny and was sometimes picked on for it. She told us about how when families would come and look at kids to adopt she was always passed up. She told us about how at first it didn’t really bother her that she didn’t have a mom, but after a while it was all she really wanted.
When Lida was 14 she said a prayer, she told God she wanted a family. She wanted an American family with a tall mom who had big feet. And she said that if she didn’t have the family by the time she was 15 then she was done. But she remained confident that God would get her a family. 10 days before her 15th birthday she was told that an American family was coming to the orphanage and that she should get ready. When her now mom showed up,  tall with big feet, she began crying and knew that would be her family.
She ended her testimony by saying God doesn’t give us what we want, he gives us what we need. God will give us only what will make us better. While we can ask for anything, he’s only going to give us what will prosper us. Lida showed us a truly answered prayer and is a boost of encouragement that if we need it, God will provide it.



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