1045257_10151579281266785_1423556839_nAs the official start of the Delanco Camp summer nears, we thought we’d like to get to know the staff just a little bit better. Here are some questions, ranging from goofy to informative, we have asked the staff. Enjoy! Up to the plate today is Amy Ashe, our head cook for the summer.

Name: Amy Ashe
Nickname: Roon
Job on staff this summer: Head Cook
Years attending camp: 0 Never attended as a camper…
Years on summer staff: 0
High school, college and/or seminary: Washington Twp., Messiah College
Home church: Crossroads
Favorite Delanco Camp memory: Crazy shaving cream fights when on youth retreats with St. John’s. Doing renovations in the retreat center and getting to throw the ceramic tub down the stairs.
If you had to choose one thing to complete from your bucket list right now, what would you choose?  To take my family to Disney World.
If you could travel to any era in history, which would you travel to and why? I just can’t answer that question…..I have no feelings about any other eras…I know it’s lame.
If you had the power to transform yourself into an animal, which would you choose and why? Squirrel: I love the way just frolick around and play. They seem very carefree.
When you were growing up, what household chore did you absolutely loathe? Cleaning the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.
Name a Bible verse that speaks most to where you in life at this point in time: Jerimiah 29:11
Briefly explain to us your testimony: I grew up going to church but not really feeling a connection. Just went because that is what we did on Sundays. During my sophomore year of high school, a friend invited me to their youth group. A couple months later we went to Harvey Cedars for a mid winter advance and it was there I accepted Jesus into my heart. I began to understand who God was and what He wanted for me. I attended Messiah College and majored in Elementary Education. After college, I met and married my husband. We have 2 boys ages 8 and 11. We spent 8 years doing youth ministry and spent 5 years as missionaries to the Navajo in New Mexico. We returned back to New Jersey 2 years ago. Since we have returned to NJ, I have truly learned to trust God through all situations. We had a very hard transitition back, but through it all have learned and continue to learn that God is faithful!

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