God did an amazing thing through His Son Jesus by sending Him to die in order to redeem us. Although we cannot fathom the burden that Christ bore on the cross, we can cherish and be in awe of its implications in our hearts and lives today.

The beauty of the story of Jesus Christ is what the Gospel is all about. The Gospel is the saving power that Jesus Christ brought to the table when He conquered the grave. We now live beyond the tomb, in an era of salvation- living with purpose and a calling because of this amazing event in history.

So what should we do with this Gospel? Paul writes about this in his letter to the Philippians, giving personal examples and coaching to the church of Philippi, breaking down what the Gospel looks like in his life and what it should look like in ours (chapter one):

1. Advance the Gospel (v.12-18)
Push the Gospel forward at all costs. Paul was imprisoned while writing this letter and was rejoicing in that fact because through his imprisonment he was able to push the Gospel forward. In his case, he was paving the way for others to speak more boldly about the Gospel in a place that didn’t accept it with wide-open arms. He had plenty of people who hated him because he preached salvation in Jesus Christ. We must take advantage of every chance that we have to push the Gospel
forward, planting seeds in hearts so that God may cultivate them- no matter what the circumstance.

2. Live for the cause of Gospel (v.19-26)
Paul deeply desired to be with Jesus in Heaven, but instead realized that he had a mission to accomplish while here on earth. Paul’s life-mentality was to live for the cause of the Gospel through it all- good times and bad (keep in mind: he was in jail). Are we living for the Gospel daily? Our minds must be refocused on the Gospel each morning. What a beautiful way to live- in the light of His saving grace!

3. Walk Worthy of the Gospel (v.27-30)
Paul challenges the church of Philippi to “walk worthy of the Gospel.” We must be in fervent prayer as we strive towards actually wrapping our minds around what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus. This is what will motivate us to walk in a way that honors what the Gospel represents.

The Gospel still has power today. Paul tells us to embrace it.

Rich Dugan is studying pastoral ministry at Lancaster Bible College and has served on summer staff and in many other volunteer positions at camp. Image credit: Wendy Aros, via CreationSwap.

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