Wednesday afternoon at Middler camp was a break from the ordinary. Although the afternoon is usually used for class time, the Co-Deans Becky W. and Brandon C. decided to make instead three sections of activities that would comprise the entire afternoon. One of the activities was a service project laying down new mulch for a path to the Chapel in the Woods. Our Volunteer Coordinator spearheaded this project and pretty soon the campers were laying down mulch and wheelbarrowing like it was their full-time jobs. Another section involved learning about team work at the Delanco Camp challenge course where each team competed in activities like fitting everyone on one bench by using everyone’s ideas and working together. The final activity was that all the campers got a lesson and then a turn at the new archery station. It all ended with a relay race that ended with a group slide n’ slide. The day was a combination of fun, service and activity.

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