Joel Lord, who is serving as our speaker this week, was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions about what he will be talking about at evening service and his Delanco Camp experience. Here are the questions and answers.

How will you be incorporating the theme this week?
Each day for the next five days we will have different trainers from biblical stories. For instance, tonight is the story of Daniel in the Lions den and how he chose to live his life. From his experiences and his faith we can take away training points that we can then look to incorporate in our own lives. Just like physical exercise with spiritual exercize there are different points and different things that we can grow and learn from.

What are campers this age supposed to be training for?
We are all training to figure out how to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God both in school and in the everyday. We try to figure out questions like how does my faith fit in? How does me acting a certain way relate to my faith?

What are tips or tricks you have used in your own life to stay focused?
For me I’ve had a lot of experiences on short term missions and long term missions. You are forced out of your comfort zone and that really reminds you that God should be your number one priority.

What else can you tell us about this week?
First off my claim to fame here at camp is that I brought Kan Jam to camp somewhere around Junior Camp 2009.

I got connected to camp through my wife Kerri (“Paul” Lord) and although I’ve had a lot of chances to work at a lot of different summer camps I think that Delanco Camp is unique. You know, there isn’t a blob or a big pool or anything but the community here is really strong even in the little kids. You know I’ve talked to people who have been here since the fourth grade and they’ve come every summer since. The volunteers, the staff and the campers are all connected to this camp. I’m excited to bring my daughter here, even though she’s 11 months, and just develop friendships.

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