One of our counselors today shared to a group of Junior High schoolers her pain growing up in a household in which love was not abundant. She went into greater detail sharing years of pain and neglect but mentioned that through all that, although everything was so wrong, that God worked. One of the greatest things that inspired her and reminded her of Christ’s love was a Youtube video called the “Everything Skit.” Our counselors and staff put on the skit for the Junior campers tonight.

The “Everything Skit” starts out with a girl beautifully dancing in the arms of her creator (to the song “Everything” by Lifehouse). She is loved and happy and safe in his abundant arms. But his arms lead to the arms of a boy…who dances her away from her creator. After that she is offered drugs and alcohol and finds refuge in them and too soon thirsts for money and for material things. Her creator just stands to the side watching her slowly shaking his head, broken hearted. She thinks about running back to him several times as she can see glimpses of his outstretched arms but at this point there just seems to be too much in the way. After a period of self-hurt she picks up a gun feeling worthless and broken and contemplates in that moment giving it all up. It all seems so hopeless.

But she stops. She throws the gun down and lunges for her creator. There’s just so much in the way though fighting and pushing and shoving and wanting to keep her away from the only true thing that ever loved her. Just when she is at the brink when it looks as though she will be simply overwhelmed by her choices and her life, grace moves…Graces Moves. God throws off her sins and her pain and her self-destruction and just holds her. She is safe once again in his arms washed anew.

It’s a beautiful, heart-wrenching skit. The band Lifehouse wrote the song and some of the lyrics that are cried out in the midst of the skit’s fruition are, “And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you.” Makes me wonder why it’s so easy for us to stand and just forget about how hard God fights for us. How he wants nothing deeper to be reunited with us and dance with us. How perfect it is in His arms.

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