Let me first make it clear that at the ripe old age of 21 I don’t plan on having kids in the foreseeable future. They might get in the way of this whole career thing I’m working on, but one day in the distant future I’m going to sit down my kids and tell them about Delanco Camp. The way I’m picturing it is kind of like that television show, How I Met Your Mother where the kids sit down and end up listening to the longest story ever.

1. First off, there’s this old rumor that some females go to Christian colleges so that they can pick up their MRS degree…get it? Same thing here but for both genders. I’ve seen so many potential relationships, engaged couples and old married people that got their start here at Delanco Camp. To go with the theme of this post, it would be entirely possible to come to camp and meet the mother of your children.

2. Kids come here excited because they know that the week here can be truly life changing. Last week I was sitting in the office with the door open and several teen campers were talking about how they approached camp with such gleefulness this year. They said that they each had a hunch that this week was something to be excited about. At least one of those campers I can think of accepted Christ by the end of the week.

3. It’s less about stats and more about people here. Honestly, the camp doesn’t have the newest equipment or fanciest toys, mostly we just have good, hardworking people who try and make this experience the best for each camper. What continues to marvel me is that folks take off work to come here and serve. People sweat in the kitchen because when campers’ bellies are full then they are able to concentrate on the services and chapels. The staff has become a well-working machine, each person contributing to the whole body of service. It reminds me of Paul’s metaphor in Corinthians about how each person is a part of Christ’s body.

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