Contemplative prayer will play a big part here at Teen camp this week. Because of the age group and the assumed maturity that goes along with that age group, there will be places for relaxation and silent or group prayer for the teens to use freely. Particularly, there will be a prayer tent set up to be an area of quiet prayer and fellowship. This area will be free for most of the day but will probably be most used in the free time between the evening service and snack time. During this time, campers and staff who have felt inspired by the service can go to this tent to either ask questions, give thanks or just sit there and meditate on the glory of God. Early in the week during craft time campers will be making illuminaries that will light up the prayer tent with a soft glow adding to the atmosphere of relaxation and prayer.

Additionally, this afternoon by some weird chance I stumbled upon the Chapel by the stream which is located along the side of the Pavilion. So far for the two weeks I’ve been at camp so far there haven’t been any activities by the stream nor mentions of this quiet area. Almost instantly walking down the small wooded path to get to the new wooden benches that comprise the chapel by the stream I felt at ease and contemplative. This area which is surrounded by nature, almost cries out for people to just sit in it and marvel at God’s nature and the wonder of the beauty he has given us. I personally plan on doing my daily devotions in this newly discovered area and would encourage campers this week and staff alike to wander back there. There is an instant calmness to that place that you can visibly feel.

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