Missionary Time with Tim Conaway:
This week we have a special missionary who will be sharing words during the evening service and teaching a class during the mornings. Tim’s class is pretty delicious as he starts out the class with having the kids peel mangos for mango smoothies. When everyone had a cup in their hand, Tim explained why he chose to incorporate mangos into his lesson plan. Tim will be leaving in late August to go serve the Lord in both Sudan and Kenya with an organization called Mango Ministries. Tim shared his favorite verse from Genesis which reminded us that God doesn’t leave us alone even when we feel scared or put aside or nervous and then shared his own feelings as he prepares for this exciting year-long trip. The campers then all got to share memories from their own missions trips and how they felt during and after their trip. Tim was very open and honest about his feelings and reminded all of us that God will continue to be there.

The Right Stuff:
Gary Langel, one of our Bible teachers this week, played a game with the campers called “The Right stuff or the Wrong stuff.” The game was based around a large-scale version of hangman and involved biblical standards to determine which stuff was honorable and good and which stuff should be avoided by young Christians. Each camper had the opportunity to guess the word based upon a few letters and the prior knowledge that it was either a right attribute or a wrong attribute. Some examples of the right stuff are “obedient to parents, love, and righteousness” and some examples of the wrong stuff were “drunkenness, debauchery, and hatred.” The best part is the winner who collected the most tokens, by either guessing the word right or by preliminarily deciding if it would be a right or wrong attribute, was awarded a $5 Wawa giftcard.

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