Most people when they think of Paradise on earth conjure up pictures of sandy beaches, a fluffy cloud sky and a slight breeze. Ahhhhhhhhh

Some of the lucky of us live in Paradise, some vacation, some simply day dream and others keep pictures like the one to your right as their desktop background. I think it’s important that we all get to experience these little slices of heaven in our own ways. There are beautiful, marvelous and sometimes just plain fun pieces about this world that can be paradise in their own right. Personally, for this intern, Paradise on earth is a bubble bath and a thick un-read book.

Once as a snarky teenager I asked my Pastor at a church Q & A if in heaven there would be ‘things’ that people enjoy on earth. For the sake of this camp and my parents, let’s just say that I asked about chocolate cake. So in front of the entire congregation my Pastor looks me in the eyes and gave a really beautiful answer to a really snarky question. She said, Blair, “Image the most wonderful thing you know in the world; like your example, chocolate cake, and then imagine it doubled a million, that’s how I think heaven will be.”

These things that we enjoy here on earth should be enjoyed. The beaches and the vacations and the personal paradises like bubble baths should all be treasured as long as it’s kept in mind that these are just figments and pieces of the amazing that will be Paradise with Christ.

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