As a newbie to the Delanco Camp scene I’ve gathered hints and tips to successfully survive based on my dive into the deep end of this camp. I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts so that those who also will be here for the first time will know what to do and what to avoid.

First: Do not simply call call turtles, turtles. People here hold the snapping turtles that live in Lake Agape on an almost divine level. Assimilate to calling the turtles by special names or you will be that weirdo who doesn’t even know about Wompus ( I had a 3-year-old explain it to me).

Second: You will have sand in unusual places on your body. I suggest nightly showers. As a bonus you can use the sand as an exfoliate on places you don’t normally exfoliate; like your eyebrows and underarms.

Three: Get to know the staff. They know where the bathrooms are and have bandaids on stock. There is nothing like taking a half an hour walk in every direction trying to find the nearest lavatory.

Four: Don’t be sad about rainstorms! If you’re old like me you get to take naps during them and if you’re a camper there are crazy activities already planned. Currently (Sunday morning) campers are making loud sheep noises for a contest. Yes, sheep noises.

Five: Come prepared to experience community in God. There is something beautiful about middle and high schoolers waking up early while the dew is still out to sing praises and just be in community with each other. Be open to the experience and you’ll feel the power of what’s happening!

Get ready to enjoy your experience. It’s a little scary for the first time but I can promise it’s a camp you’ll want to come back to. I mean you can trust me, I’m new.

Rachel Blair is a junior at Eastern University who experienced Delanco Camp for the first time at the Spring Retreat. She will be here all summer as the communications intern, blogging her way through all five youth camps. Welcome her aboard by dropping her a line at 

3 thoughts on “A first-timer’s view of camp

  1. However, if you can’t find one of these lavatories, feel free to use a tree. We have plenty and if you wander far enough, you’ll have an adequate amount of privacy.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading of your 1st at Delanco. My daughter Serena Rose of which there were two with that name was there this spring retreat and well be again this summer for a week. Last year was her 1st time and she loves it. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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