Last night the campers kicked off the last week of the summer season playing icebreaker games like the always popular Mingle game. In this game, a staff member calls out a number and an action, and the campers have to get into groups of said number doing that action. So if a staff member calls out “four at the knee,” that means the campers have to split up into groups of four people with their knees touching.

Another game that was played last night was Bucket Head; all of the campers, except for one, had to form a circle using chairs. The one who didn’t have a chair had to stand in the middle of the circle as the “bucket head.” The “bucket head” has to hold a bucket over his/her head while skipping around the inside of the circle pulling people out of their seats. Once the “bucket head” pulls someone from their chair, that person then has to grab somebody else. Once the chain has reached a good length, the “bucket head” drops the bucket and everybody has to hurry to find an empty seat. The person left standing in the middle becomes the new “bucket head.” The campers had a lot of fun getting to know each other last night.

Today is the first full day of Middler week and we woke up to the sound of rain; however, the deans for the week, Brandon Cobb and Becky Wrentzel, were prepared. This morning still went as planned. The campers went to the Tabernacle for chapel where they played games; worshipped God; and met this week’s missionaries, Bill and Amy Ashe. Bill talked to the campers about his first mission trip to Japan, and how it opened his eyes to God’s calling for his life. The campers will get to hear from Bill and his wife, Amy, all week. The campers went to their classes, which were indoors. Around noon the rain stopped and the sun poked out for a bit, which was nice.

After lunch, the campers all had to report to the beach for the swim test. Those who already took it earlier in the summer didn’t have to take it again. Once the craft shop opened at 2 p.m., a group of campers went over to make bracelets and paint rocks. Around 3:45 p.m., it started thundering, so the craft shop closed early; hopefully, it won’t rain for too long.

See more photos at the Middler Camp Picasa page.

3 thoughts on “Mingle, Bucket Head and the first full day of Middler Camp

  1. Can’t wait to hear all the stories my daughter will bring home! She is there for her first time and I’m sure she’s having a blast!!! Can’t wait to hear

  2. All of the kids look like they’re having a great time! I’m so glad my son, Wesley, is there to experience all there is at Delanco Camp. I’m looking forward to more pictures and all of the stories when he comes home! All of these kids are truly blessed to be there.

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